According to the World Health Organization (as highlighted on Facebook a couple of years ago):


  1. 100% of countries providing universal prenatal care have lower infant mortality rates than the US.
  2. Percent of US births attended by midwives: 4%
  3. Percent of European births attended by midwives: 75%Number of European countries, such as:Great Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden Norway, and Finland, all with over 75% of midwife-attended birthshave a ZERO percent higher mortality rate THAN THE U.S.!!
  4. Health care cost savings if midwifery care were utilized for 75% of US births: $8.5/billion/ year.
  5. Health care cost savings by bringing US cesarean section rate into compliance with WHO recommendations: $1.5 billion/year.
  6. Health care cost savings by extending midwifery care and de-medicalizing births in the US: $13-20 billion/year


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