The Birthing Spot & Wellness Center is offering the following

features (labor and/or birth) and services:


  • Natural labor support
  • Labor/ birthing tub
  • Hydrotherapy-shower
  • Birthing Stool
  • Labor/ birthing sling
  • Squatting bar
  • Intranasal Stadol available (for an additional fee)
  • Thoughtful/strategic movement in labor (fascilitates labor progress)
  • Subtle light effects
  • Wireless Wifi available iPhone/Smartphone
  • Well woman services/ family planning/ some gynecologic care/ preconception available
  • some infertility assistance/ nutritional & weight management counseling
"My husband (Dr. Ben Edwards)  and I just delivered our 6th baby and after the first 5 hospital births we can say emphatically that the experience with Christine Stuart and the Birthing Spot birth center surpassed all of our expectations.  We wished we would have delivered all of our kids this way!  The environment in Christine's birthing center was extremely peaceful, warm and inviting; a perfect "home away from home" to deliver our baby.  Beyond the environment, Christine was great too.  She was always very professional and very attentive to details. My husband and I always had full confidence that she was very well prepared for any potential scenarios that may have come up throughout the pregnancy and delivery.  She was always available day or night to answer questions, and I've never had any medical personnel ever check on me as much as Christine did throughout the pregnancy!  Also, Christine was willing to go the extra mile to meet all our needs and answer every question.  She was full of great recommendations for various symptoms that would come up throughout the pregnancy and after too.  She was also a great encourager throughout the process.   My husband and I really appreciated Christine's utilization of Dawn as a birth assistant too.  Dawn was a perfect complement to Christine and they made a great team".  -Jamie Edwards