In first becoming an RN in 1999, Christine knew right away that she was called to serve women. She completed her Masters in 2003 as a women's health nurse practitioner (WHNP), but knew even then that what she was ultimately called to be was a certified nurse-midwife (CNM)- thus completing her post-masters in 2006.

Through the years Christine has become very trained and experienced in birth- as well as attuned to any complications thereof. As an an official Instructor for the national program- Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics [ALSO] (through the American Academy of Family Physicians-AAFP), she trains students doctors, residents, midwives, and studnets in emergency birth management and complications in prenatal care/ labor/ birth. Being a client of a birthing center, one must be reasonably healthy, able to be at a reasonable weight, and committed to staying within optimal weight gain guidelines (after all, this is what helps ensure the most optimal birth outcomes!). Though she encompasses vast knowledge and skill for deviations from normal, rest assured that normal is what she does best!! While labor and birth (in any setting) can deviate from normal- (and hospital outcomes are not necessarily better), Christine has the knowledge, skill, and know-how to manage issues promptly and effectively. Enough of that, though! What she is most passionate about is birth... birth unadulterated- and out-of-hospital birth (it's own art and right). When one has had the opportunity to see birth in its intended form, one then realizes that anything less can be a disservice! Women need to know and experience their rightful options





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Dr. Christine Stuart, CNM, WHNP-BC, APRN, DNP

Licensed as an APRN since 2003 (first as a WHNP and then adding on her Post-Masters CNM in 2006). Doctorate then earned in 2015.

Births will usually have a birth or personal assistant at them (unless a client arrives crowning upon arrival! :) Doulas are welcome as well!will Page Title